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The Vraad were the near-omnipotent wizards of Nimth. In their attempt to escape their dying world, they entered the Dragonrealm and became the ancestors of both drakes and humans. They were thousands years old, and have a different control of magic than the one used in the Dragonrealm. In the days of Nimth, most of the Vraads obeyed the clan of the dragon, the Tezerenee, ruled by Barakas Tezerenee.

Their personality were in most of the cases cold, amoral, prideful and honourable.

One of the most known Vraads are Gerrod Tezerenee (Shade), Dru Zeree, Sharissa Zeree, Barakas Tezerenee, Ephraim Tezerenee, Logan Tezerenee.

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