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Shade - Larry Elmore
Biographical information
Aliases Gerrod Tezerenee, Tylan, Zaros,
Belrac, Jelrath, Simon, Madrac,
many, many others
Physical description
Species Vraad
Gender Male
Historical information
Parents Barakas Tezerenee (father)

History Edit

Shade was originally known as Gerrod Tezerenee. Son of Barakas Tezerenee and Lady Alcia. He was one of the most proficent sorcerers of the clan Tezerenee. Dark hair hung down slightly on an artistocratic visage that took greatly from his mother's side. He was slim when compared to other Tezerenee.  In the great Vraad exodus one of his first assignments was to get Dru Zeree to the Tezerenee castle, a task he couldn't accomplish for the former was lost in the Void when he tried to find him. Another failed assignment was to look after the progress of his brother Rendel, the one in charge of the ka travel for the Dragonrealm, because Rendel crossed to the Dragonrealm earlier than expected. All this put him in a dire situation, he was left behind at the exodus to look for Sharissa Zeree. He eventually managed to cross to the Dragonrealm not by ka travel but by physical travel in the rift between worlds, by doing so he was able to exist as a Vraad and not a dragon.

Known names Edit

Tylan Edit

Good. Slain by Seekers.

Zaros Edit

Evil. Slain by Valea Bedlam in concert with Galani.

Belrac Edit

Evil. First appeared in the Hell Plains. Slain by Illian of the Birds.

Jelrath Edit

Good. First appeared in Dagora Forest.

Vadym Edit

Good. Ally of Nathan Bedlam during the Turning War. Slain by Azran Bedlam.

Wulfrin Edit

Evil. First appeared in the Tyber Mountains.

Simon Edit

Good. Slain by magical feedback while battling a Seeker.

Madrac Edit

Evil. Imprisoned by Darkhorse and slain by the Gryphon who was wielding the Horned Blade.

Shade reborn Edit

Restored as Vraad. Destroyed while preventing the essence of Nimth from seeping into the Dragonrealm.

Cities destroyed Edit

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References Edit

  1. This unnamed incarnation of Shade was destroyed by Naran Bedlam.
  2. Richard A. Knaak, Legends of the Dragonrealm: Shade, chapter 5