Gwendolyn Bedlam
Gwendolyn Bedlam
Biographical information
Aliases Lady of the Amber
Home The Manor
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Historical information
Spouse Cabe Bedlam
Children Aurim (son) and Valea (daughter)

Gwendolyn Bedlam, born Gwendolyn MacArn[1], known as Lady of the Amber, or Lady Belam, is the wife of Cabe Bedlam and the mother of Aurim and Valea.

History Edit

The Lady Gwendolyn was first taught magic by the wood witch Tica. She was then a protégé of The Green Dragon for a number of years, before being sent to Penacles during the reign of the Purple Dragon to be taught by Nathan Bedlam.

Gwendolyn was a Dragon Master during the Turning War. She would have fought in the final battle at Penacles, but was instead imprisoned by Azran Bedlam, who encased her in an impenetrable shell of Amber at the Manor. Hence her title - the Lady of the Amber.

References Edit

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