Firedrake - 1989
Author Richard A. Knaak
Type Novel
Released May 1989
Series The Dragonrealm Series
Preceded by none
Followed by Ice Dragon

Firedrake is the first novel of the Dragonrealm Series.

In the ultimate war between humans and fiery, shape-shifting beings, Duke Toma, bent on utter supremacy, has unleashed every conceivable evil on the world of the Dragon Kings. Only one person will dare to challenge him: Cabe Bedlam, a mere youth cast adrift in a world where none can be trusted. Yet at his command is a formidable arsenal... a fierce warrior tradition imparted by regal, still-living forbears... the fabulous gifts of the witch Gwen, the ravishing Lady of the Amber... and the magical Horned Blade, the sword that promises its bearer total mastery of the many menacing forms of man and beast.

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Cabe Bedlam Begins in the story as an innkeeper. The Brown Dragon calls him out to kill him, and get honor and glory from his fellow Dragon Kings. Cabe surprise attacks the Brown Dragon, killing him with a Light Arrow, a magical weapon which can only be called upon by a great sorcerer.

The warlock Shade gives Cabe a horse, and his adventure begins. He goes into the Dagora Forest and rescues the Lady of the Amber, the beautiful Gwendolyn. Gwen and Cabe, along with the Cabe's demonic horse, Darkhorse, go to fight the Dragon Kings.

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