This article is about the novel. For the character, see The Crystal Dragon.
The Crystal Dragon - 1993
The Crystal Dragon
Author Richard A. Knaak
Type Novel
Released May 1993
Series The Dragonrealm Series
Preceded by Shadow Steed
Followed by The Dragon Crown

The Crystal Dragon is the fifth book in the Dragonrealm Series.

Sinister dreams haunt the wizard Cabe Bedlam, leading both Bedlam and Darkhorse to the desolate peninsula of Legar. Here a desperate band of wolf raiders, their empire in ruins, have discovered the resting place and sorcerous artifacts of the inhuman Quel. Now Cabe, Darhorse, and the Gryphon are trapped between two hellish hordes and to defeat them, Cabe must become the willing pawn of the oldest, most enigmatic drake of all... the Crystal Dragon.

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