Chaenylon is a port city on the continent over the Eastern Seas. This was an important city during the rebellion against the Wolf Raiders, a rebellion led by The Gryphon.

After The Gryphon had taken the city, a few months later it was attacked by Wolf Raider ships, led by the Pack Leader D'Farany, and most likely accompanied by D'Marr and D'Rance. The purpose of this attack was not to take the City but to secure maps of the Dragonrealm, as D'Farany planned to jouney away from the dying empire.

A small force of Wolf Raiders was sent from the ships with this sole purpose in mind. They were able to slip past the sentries in the chaos, and found their way to an emptier section of the city where the maps were held. At this point they encountered and slayed the oldest child of the Gryphon and Troia, Demion. This was an act that ultimately caused their return to the Dragonrealm to hunt down D'Farany and D'Marr for the death of their son.